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BEEF UP: Carnivore Bodybuilding Bible

“Aligning physique goals with positive health outcomes” is Jonathan’s motto for a very specific reason. Anyone who has spent some time online looking for bodybuilding diets or training routines has likely experienced some overwhelm at the oceanic proliferation of competing theories. While high volume, high frequency training and dieting on chicken breast and white rice is still the most popular approach, contemporary bodybuilders use all manner of approaches.


Forget the myths and gimmicks of online fitness. This book reveals the truth about how to build your best body with a carnivore diet. You will learn how to eat meat and train smart, without sacrificing your health or happiness. This is not just a book, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that will make you stronger, leaner, and more energetic. A lifestyle that will help you achieve your physique goals and enjoy the process. This is the ultimate guide to carnivore bodybuilding. The guide that will show you how to be fit for life.

BEEF UP: Carnivore Bodybuilding Bible

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