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'Aligning physique goals with positive health outcomes' - Jonathan Griffiths BSc

Do you want to look and feel amazing every day? Do you want to stop wasting time and money on ineffective workouts and diets? Do you want to learn how to build muscle, lose fat, and improve your health for life? If you answered yes, then you need my coaching. I will create a customized plan that suits your goals and lifestyle. You will get the best results in the shortest time possible. You will also learn how to eat well and stay motivated. You will transform your body and your life. You will be confident, happy, and ready for anything. Don’t wait any longer. Start your transformation today!

Mark Young

"The great thing about Jonathan, is he is always on hand to answer any of my questions whether it's regards to my training or nutrition, he is always at the other end of the phone. His knowledge is more than just what he has read in a book as he actually practices what he preaches! What many other coaches do not do these days! I implement what Jonathan has taught me into my everyday life and I believe it has all had a positive impact on my outlook on my own personal fitness journey."

Declan Melaney

"Jonathan services his exceptional prowess of nutrition and sports performance in a highly tailored manner to suit your individual needs and desires. With an intimate scientific knowledge and many years of practical experience, Jonathan is beyond equipped to help anyone in achieving their dream outcomes. I highly endorse him, and his services are an exceptional value at a very affordable rate."

Claire Nolan

"Jonathan has been really knowledgeable about food and nutrition, I thought I had a balanced diet but now I understand more about what foods are important and healthy. He is really easy to talk to and he makes me feel very comfortable in conversations."
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